Malcolm Douglas Brown is a Trinity College Graduate with a bachelor degree in both Theater and English. During College Malcolm interned for MTV NETWORKS: TV LAND (Original Programming and Development), TEEN NICK (Creative) as well as DISCOVERY COMMUNICATIONS: ANIMAL PLANET (Ad Sales). Following Graduation, Malcolm began self teaching himself how to create films via books as well as volunteering as a production assistant on various Graduate Film School (Columbia, NYFA) shoots.  Malcolm also interned under New York Times Pulitzer Award Winning photographer Ozier Muhammad as well as Co-award winning film editor Lyndon McCray at Reels of Thumb Editing Solutions post graduation. 

Recently Malcolm was awarded The 2013 Ocktober Music and FIlm Festival Best Music Video Award for his collaborative filmmaking and film editing work on the music video "New Coons". "New Coon" started off as a joke amongst Lyndon, myself and Ohene during an editing session at Reels of Thumbs Editing Solutions Headquarters. Ohene then came back with his own remake to Kanye West's "New Slaves", I pulled and generally assembled clips from various films that were applicable to Ohene's lyrics and Lyndon applied his editing flare/final touches and a hit was made. The award was shared amongst myself, co-director/editor Lyndon McCray, and the MC Ohene Cornelius.

Malcolm has been highlighted in Anecessarie Film's Selective Artistry campaign and has also worked as cinematographer/film editor on various Anecessarie Film projects such as recently released: What's It Like, and soon to be released: Bench Thoughts and Experimenting With Love. Watch Malcolm's segment in the Selective Artistry campaign starting at the 04:26 second mark to view Malcolm speaking further on his career as a multi-faceted freelance artist in New York City.

Below the Selective Artistry clip you will find my Animal Planet Ad Sales Internship presentation in its entirety.  

For Booking Inquirires regarding the following services: Photography, Videography, Film Editing, Live Event Coverage (The Collective) or to find out about future film screenings (Screen Kingz) Email me at: Malcolmdouglasbrown@gmail.com

Please, serious inquiries only, and I assure you that all inquiries will be taken seriously.