Malcolm Douglas Brown is a Filmmaker + Photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. Malcolm has created content for major clients such as: HBO, Carmelo Anthony, and The United Nations. In 2013, Malcolm as well as then Film mentor Lyndon McCray won best Music Video at the Ocktober Film Festival. After 2013, Malcolm further developed his unique storytelling and film editing style to create his viral Mash and Gwavy series. What is this Mash and Gwavy you ask? Well, the Mash and Gwavy series started off by accident powered by pure desire to create films. With a desire to tell stories, share ideas and thoughts, make music videos, however not having a budget to create his own, Malcolm used this creative limitation and turned it into art. By taking clips from his favorite films and cartoons, and mashing them with music from his favorite artists, Malcolm was able to use his skill set to further learn how to be a film editor and a complete filmmaker. What transpired was a genuine passion for the art of film editing, and birthed the Film Editor to which you see today.

What's next for Malcolm? More fashion based photography and film making. Please stay tuned and feel free to send booking inquiries to shotbymal@gmail.com

- Mal