“Manhattanhenge”, The Moving Image and The Perfect Movie Wedding by Malcolm Brown


For three years now I have been haunted by the magazine image, and the limitations of its instrument. Turning pages in twenty dollar Vogue Italia magazines, finding myself in a new world every time. However, this world was still, two dimensional, and I always found myself wanting more, specifically, I wanted to know how the dress moved when the model walked. At times I would take a single page and move it side to side and around, sort of like how one plays an accordion, trying to find the answers to my internal question. 

One day on a set of a music video they brought in a gimbal operator to record the model walking through Manhattan. I was still the Director of Photography, however, for these shots we allowed the gimbal operator to shoot. When I saw the playback, I finally found/saw exactly what I was seeking. So I saved up, purchased a gimbal,   contacted recording artist/music producer Mat P and all of my Model/Glam/Designer friends, and shot “Manhattanhenge.”

When you witness Manhattanhenge, please keep in mind the walking shots but also keep in mind that this is a Fashion piece shot in busy New York City. You're wedding will not have the same location. Look at the images and the camera movement and imagine 360 degree slow motion shots of you and your loved one by the Sycamore tree. Although the gimbal is a great tool for filmmaking, it shouldn't be the only one used. Often times Videographer gravitate towards the next biggest innovation and lose sight of the importance of the basics. I say keep your tripod handy, as that will allow you to nail certain shots that should be on your general shot list. Also the less jittery your camera is the better. Wedding videos vary, but they're typically softer on the editing, and more concise on shot selection.

A lot of times magazines advertise a certain style of a videographer, however the truth is there is no style that I cannot perform. My videos are all catered around my clients, whether it be a Carnival video, a Wedding video or a Fashion video, after interviewing my clients I get a feel for who they are, (I ask a lot of questions, and do a lot of listening.) then I create the video. The plan is to make a video that you will love and love to share, not just another video in a list of videos that lack you and your loved ones individuality. We plan to deliver and create your movie vision of your wedding into an actual movie, or television series. For an example, please view the wedding reception video that I made for Dwayne and Rosemarie’s wedding. The video can be found at www.malcolmdouglasbrown.com/weddings

WEDDING TIPS: Shoot the Rehearsal Dinner? by Malcolm Brown

WEDDING TIPS: Shoot the Rehearsal Dinner

by Malcolm Douglas Brown


Shoot the Rehearsal Dinner?

Why not? It can't hurt honestly and here's why. Usually during the Wedding dinner your wedding planner will go over the order of operations being how the bride, groom, maid of honor and best man are already in attendance, he/she should pull them aside and go over where everyone will be in regards to the actual wedding site/location. So, as a videographer this is no different than watching a director discussing "blocking" (movement of the people within the space of a given scene.) and witnessing the wedding planner direct her subjects. However one shouldn't shoot that, rather observe and take notes where he/she should be in order to get the most dynamic shots. For the bride and groom this also allows you all to feel comfortable and get used to a camera being around you if you aren't already. Which brings me to the next point, on the big day, feeling comfortable with whomever you're hiring to document your wedding is important. If you're not comfortable it will show within the wrinkles in your brow and uneasiness in your eyes, which is why getting to work with your photographer and videographer at the rehearsal dinner should be encouraged, and not shunned. Not to mention that the footage can be used for a Same Day Edit video, a "Reminder" video, or a short "countdown to the big day" video that you can share with loved ones and friends on fb, or privately with invited guests via an email blast.  All of which we offer here at An affordable rate. For more exciting wedding tips for wedding videography + photography,  feel free to check out my next post and stay tuned. It is indeed wedding season after all.