WEDDING TIPS: Shoot the Rehearsal Dinner? / by Malcolm Brown

WEDDING TIPS: Shoot the Rehearsal Dinner

by Malcolm Douglas Brown


Shoot the Rehearsal Dinner?

Why not? It can't hurt honestly and here's why. Usually during the Wedding dinner your wedding planner will go over the order of operations being how the bride, groom, maid of honor and best man are already in attendance, he/she should pull them aside and go over where everyone will be in regards to the actual wedding site/location. So, as a videographer this is no different than watching a director discussing "blocking" (movement of the people within the space of a given scene.) and witnessing the wedding planner direct her subjects. However one shouldn't shoot that, rather observe and take notes where he/she should be in order to get the most dynamic shots. For the bride and groom this also allows you all to feel comfortable and get used to a camera being around you if you aren't already. Which brings me to the next point, on the big day, feeling comfortable with whomever you're hiring to document your wedding is important. If you're not comfortable it will show within the wrinkles in your brow and uneasiness in your eyes, which is why getting to work with your photographer and videographer at the rehearsal dinner should be encouraged, and not shunned. Not to mention that the footage can be used for a Same Day Edit video, a "Reminder" video, or a short "countdown to the big day" video that you can share with loved ones and friends on fb, or privately with invited guests via an email blast.  All of which we offer here at An affordable rate. For more exciting wedding tips for wedding videography + photography,  feel free to check out my next post and stay tuned. It is indeed wedding season after all.